Macaron making class at Cake Deli

Macarons, do you like them? I do! I am not so crazy about them but they are so pretty and quickly becoming everyone’s favorite! 😛 The best ones I have tasted were brought from La Maison du Chocolat. Errr…I have yet to taste macarons from Le Goûter Bernardaud and Ladurée.

I got to learn how to make them last year but since we had to make cakes, eclairs and macarons in that same class, I couldn’t really focus just on macarons. So when my company offered a class that is just for macarons (and in English!), I enrolled right away.

The class became a bi-lingual class because I was the only one who couldn’t understand 100% Cantonese. Haha! But the instructor is very understanding and accommodating.

I got to make these macaron which has got those “ruffled feet”. 🙂 They really make them look gorgeous! However, most were sort of hollow so I should really have another go at home.

A couple of tips she gave us were:

  • When piping, pipe it vertically and as close to the paper as possible to prevent those kisses looking macarons.
  • Let the macarons “dry” until the shell is not sticking to your finger when you check if it’s ready.
  • Take them out of the oven if the macaron is not sticking to the baking cloth/paper anymore.

Here are some pictures from the class, I would want to make them at home very very soon especially after reading so many articles about them yesterday, it has inspired me to make better ones!

I would have to say that letting them mature in the refrigerator makes them so much better! Ours were only in the freezer for 5 minutes and the ones by the instructor may have been in the refrigerator for about a day or two and it was chewy and looks absolutely gorgeous! The orange ones are hers, the pink ones are mine! 😛 There a lots of room for improvement but they do look good! 🙂

Macaron After piping onto a baking clothMacaron Waiting for them to dryMacaron in the ovenMacaron After baking in the ovenMacaron after they were filled with ganache and straberryMacaron Cake Deli class

My husband gobbled up most of the macarons I brought home! I guess it tasted quite good! 😛


13 responses to “Macaron making class at Cake Deli

  1. Oh yummy – they look really nice. I’d love to give the macaroon class a try. Do you have more details about how to class? Where does it take place? How to enroll? Thanks, Ruth

  2. Wow those looks perfect! I remember the best ones I had was Luxemburgerli made by Sprungli in Switzerland, I literally forgot my name the moment I took a bite 🙂

  3. So beautiful! I want to make macarons one day! WOW, I think I’ll get so much confident when I can pull this off! 😀

    • I’m super sure you can pull this off!:-) Japanese cooking has got a lot of techniques too!:-) Macarons are indeed very very beautiful but needs technique..these may look pretty but quite hollow inside. Hopefully with the many blogs and videos I have read and viewed, the next batch will be better:)

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